New GIMMICK Malware Targets MacOS Users

If you follow the global threat landscape closely, then you may already be aware of a notorious Chinese hacking collective known as “Storm Cloud.” What few people know is that this group seems to be the driving force behind a new variant of malware that researchers have recently spotted in the wild. Dubbed “GIMMICK” by the […]

Data Breach Announced At Popular Photo Site Shutterfly

Online photography platform Shutterfly is the latest high-profile company to fall victim to a hacking attack.  The company recently disclosed that in December of last year (2021) they were targeted by the Conti gang, who successfully breached their system and initiated a ransomware attack. The company’s breach notification statement was sent to impacted users and […]

Fake Work From Home Opportunities Are Phishing For Data

It’s no secret that the pandemic changed the way much of the world works.  Tens of millions of people are now working from home with millions more eyeing that as a very real possibility. Unfortunately, the pandemic also changed what kinds of opportunities hackers and scammers are targeting. It shouldn’t come as a great shock […]

A Disguised Windows License Activator May Actually Be Malware

People who are in the habit of pirating movies and software have something new to worry about.  It seems hackers have begun targeting at least some of them with a ubiquitous form of malware. On the Dark Web, anyone who is willing to shell out twenty bucks or so can get their hands on a […]

Google Play Store Is Seeing More Trojan Style Malware

A security researcher who goes by the name “Dr. Web” has been tracking a suspicious increase in Trojan infiltration emanating from the Google Play Store. It is not currently known whether a single organized and determined group of hackers is responsible for the surge or if several groups just happen to be focused on the […]

Automotive Part Maker Denso Is Latest To Have Data Breached

The automotive parts giant named DENSO is the latest corporation to fall victim to a hacking attack.  The company has offices all over the world and supplies parts to brands including General Motors, Fiat, Volvo, Toyota, and others. Collectively the company and its subsidiaries employ more than 160,000 people and boasts revenues of more than […]

 Secure Your SQL Server To Avoid This Malware Infection

Do you rely on Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases?  If so, be advised that the cybersecurity firm AhnLab recently published a report about a newly emerging threat. It seems that hackers are now targeting poorly secured Microsoft SQL and MySQLdatabases with a malware strain known as GhostCringe. If you’re not familiar with it, GhostCringe is […]

Email Phishing Attackers Are Pretending To Be The IRS

Emotet is in the news again according to the latest information from email security firm Cofense.  Emotet is notorious for spreading via phishing campaigns and this latest phishing campaign sees them impersonating the IRS. By all outward appearances, the emails look legitimate. The Emotet gang knows that with so many people feeling harried during tax […]

File Explorer May Get Tabs In Windows 11

Are you a Windows Insider?  If so, be aware that the company is testing a “hidden” new feature you’re probably going to love. It’s a small change but its impact is enormous. The feature is the Tabbed File Explorer! The experimental feature must be explicitly enabled but once it is it works a lot like […]

 You May See Ads For Microsoft Products With Windows 11

Microsoft may have inadvertently signaled that they are soon going to reincorporate ads into Microsoft 11, which is going to please exactly no one. In the most recent Windows Insiders build, third party ads were displayed but only briefly. They vanished as of the next update. The company responded to the angry inquires that the sudden […]